Seasons of Pain: From Fall to Congeal; Dusk till Dawn

“They deserve your forgiveness not because you are divine. They deserve it because your broken self deserves to be free- from the past, pain and extreme stupidity”


Things happen for a reason. When things fall like how seasons change, we all, our hearts to be exact, sometimes get broken. Like the sweet moon that only shows up during the night and the mighty sun that always set itself after each and every day, people come and eventually go. Nothing is ever permanent in this world and it is the reality- the reality that no matter how hard we try to prove our worth to someone; no matter how we extremely show our love and affection to anyone; and no matter how good we are to everyone; we’ll still end up wounded, scattered and pained.

The cycle of how and why we feel pain is figuratively divided into four seasons- The winter, spring, summer and fall. When do we consider ourselves happy? When do we get sad? How do we get angry or mad? And… why? These emotions are all patterned based on where we stand in the seasons of twinge. Our emotions are seasonal and so does our life.

FallLife is not life and is meaningless if we don’t struggle nor is not challenging if we don’t get hurt. The season where pain starts is the season of FALL. Does anyone has ever asked why rain falls? Has anyone ever thought that rain falls because they are the tears that heaven can’t take from its paradise anymore. When a good man gets hurt, he cries. Not because he is weak, but because he is really hurt. The fall of life starts when we started to feel unappreciated, not valued and worthless.



After all the things that hurt and the pains that hit us, sometimes, our inner good self begins to freeze. We then try to be different. We try changing ourselves. Changes in mood, the way we look and even dress up; speak words and appearance- In simplest word, changes in our Totality. This is the WINTER of life-The season when happiness is imprisoned; a point in our life that freezes our heart – by anger, sadness and insecurities.



After days, months or even years of isolation from all the pet peeves and pains, the SPRING will then enter. And this is the most critical season of moving on. After the countless nights of crying, hundreds of beer drunken, cursing, feeling disappointed and pain, we then realize here that rise is needed- that in every sudden tragic downfall, a glorious rise has to be regained. This is the moving on stage of life. Everything seems different and our old self is renewed. Forgiveness comes in. We realize here that the people who hurt us deserve forgiveness not because we are divine. They deserve it because our broken self deserve to be free- from the past, pain and extreme stupidity. This is our chance to grow. A chance to be free from all the pet peeves life brought us. This is the stage that gives us the chance to move and create a new story. A story that tells everyone how strong and special we are. Here, we become the renewed better version of ourselves. We realize here that people don’t need change- only improvement. Because at the end of the day, no matter how bad and pained we were, we will still be that one good person who struggles to be better every day. We may not be the best but being better from who and what we were is always an achievement.



It does okay not be okay. But it will never be okay not be okay every day. It’s okay to run, but never acceptable to always run. Rise for what is, accept what was and prepare ourselves for whatever will be. Pain is never undeviating nor will be everlasting and permanent. Learn by heart that whenever there’s darkness, there comes a rise. A soar that will make us grasp and apprehend the lessons life brought us. The moment in our life when we can finally say we’re happy and done.




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