Happiness versus Satisfaction

“When you feel like you’re getting tired of something, think of the thousand reasons as to why it took you so long to keep on holding on.”


We do things based on our personal wants, interests and needs. Yes it’s true. But sometimes, the things we do make us happy -but never satisfy us. We become happy doing good things to other people for we know and we only want nothing but the best for them – even if it causes pain, inconvinience, loss and wasted opportunity for us. We want to make them happy and seeing them smile makes us happy as well. But have we asked ourselves if the things we did satisfy us? Happiness is different from being satisfied. Satisfaction is a need while happiness is a selfless feeling – for ourselves and for the people we love. We need to be satisfied. When we give our time to other people, yes it makes us happy because time is something someone gives to the people he loves. We become happy giving so much time for others for we know that memories last for a life time. But are we fully satisfied when we give more than what is expected of us? The answer can both be a “yes” and a “no”. The Yes answer is when people appreciate us in everything we do. Appreciation is important to drive people and in making them feel special and important. Let us not be hypocrite, people’s behavior towards giving expects appreciation. When people appreciate us, we both feel happy and satisfied. When we dig in deeper why sometimes we are not getting the satisfaction we long to get whenever we give and sacrifice, we will then see and realize that appreciation is always correlated to the things we give and offer. We are humans and part of our nature is we always expect something in return. A simple thanks may be fine nonetheless, what we need is something more. We need something that would make us feel special and important. A simple “How are you” or “How was your day?” may be enough but a touch from a sincere heart is more vital.

Again, Happiness is what we feel when we see the people we love happy. Satisfaction is what we feel whenever we feel loved and appreciated. Both are enclosed in the same context but should not be imprisoned with the same human nature’s denotation.




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